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confessions of a wine fraud

Nosing the glass, nodding my head

If you can drink it, eat it, watch it or listen to it, I’d like to try it, particularly if it involves earthy notes, mustard, pork, or banjos. I’ve written about some of the above for Serious Eats, Snooth, The SpiritScoutmobFlavorpill, Not for Tourists, and All Movie Guide amongst others, and have done my share of copywriting for the WWE. Yes, the wrestling people. We’re all just paying the rent.

On the wine front, I’ve just wrapped up my WSET Advanced Certification; feel free to ask me about the effects of limestone soil and I’ll dig up the appropriate flashcard. I’ve lived within drinking distance of four of our nation’s loveliest wine regions (college, post-college, graduate school, adulthood), and tend to prefer sultry reds with pitch-black soles. Or souls. I’m easy. 

If you’d like to reach me, you can do so at carly [dot] wray [at] gmail.