Michael Egan

Michael Egan

Fine Wine Expert, Authentication Expert

Michael is an expert in fine and rare wines, with 33 years’ experience in this field.  Previously with Sotheby’s, Michael has been a completely independent fine wine expert since 2006, and has over this time inspected many thousands of bottles from a substantial number of private and corporate collections.  He is often called on by wine merchants and restaurateurs in the US, Europe and Asia to authenticate and assess the condition of their stock.”

Michael been based in Bordeaux since 2005 and has regular contact with the top Bordeaux châteaux and Burgundy domaines where they give mutual assistance to each other concerning authentication issues.

His expertise has been used in litigation in the production of detailed reports, attendance at deposition and at trial. He was the principal expert witness in the two major recent counterfeiting trials in the United States: William Koch v. Eric Greenberg in April 2013 (expert for the plaintiff), and the United States v. Rudy Kurniawan, December 2013 (expert for the United States Government). He was tasked to inspect all the evidence for both trials. His extensive knowledge of authentic bottles was invaluable in explaining to the juries the subtle differences showing the bottles were counterfeit and was an influence on their verdicts against the defendants. He also was the expert witness for the plaintiff in two other litigations, both of which settled: Russell Frye v. The Wine Library in 2006 and William Koch v. Royal Wine Merchants in 2013

The foundations of Michael’s experience and knowledge of real wine bottles is his 23 years at Sotheby’s, which he left in 2005, having reached the position of Director.  At Sotheby’s, his chief responsibility was to source premium wine for auctions, mainly from private cellars.  Michael travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe, inspecting and cataloguing wines in situ and organising shipment for auction, including in particular older vintages and rarities from the traditional fine wine loving areas of northern Europe.

Thanks to his considerable activity in assessing fine wine for authenticity and condition, he is one of the very few experts in the field of old fine wine with the necessary credentials to determine the authenticity of older bottles of wine. He is a registered wine expert at the Bordeaux Appeal Courts and with the Compagnie Nationale des Experts MCTH in Paris.

We are honored to have Michael as part of our collaborative effort to combat the global counterfeiting of wine and Michael will be a key member of the team physically inspecting wine for our member clients located in Europe.

To contact Michael Egan directly email him at michael.egan@neuf.fr