Fine Wine Authentication Clinic

Fine Wine Authentication Clinic

Bring us your bottles for Authentication

10th February, 2017 Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Chai Consulting, LLC will host a first of its kind wine authentication clinic in Hong Kong at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 10th February, 2017. Wines can be brought to be looked at, in person, by our Master Authenticators, and can have findings delivered verbally*, or formally in the form of written reports for counterfeit bottles, or if authentic, the bottles can be placed into our revolutionary, blockchain based TCM® Wine Vault by Everledger.

Once you purchase your authentications, we will email you about your preferred appointment reservation. Appointment reservations will be made first come first serve, so we apologize if the time you request is no longer available. If you have a preferred time, we suggest you sign up as soon as possible.

If you have more than 24 bottles you would like us to inspect, please contact us for a private appointment.

If you would prefer we travel to you and our wine, to look at a few bottles or your entire collection, please contact us and we can schedule that for you here.

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We reserve the right to refuse service and attendance.

*Results from Verbal Reports cannot be used for marketing or sales, nor remuneration, and must remain confidential. For more information about the terms of conditions, see here.

TCM Verbal Opinion Report®

Verbal Report Rates: $250 or $500

A TCM Verbal Opinion Report® is the clarity that every wine collector needs to ensure the wine they purchased, or are looking to purchase, is authentic.

A full TCM Authentication Inspection® is completed for each bottle. Up to 90+ different points of information and characteristics are inspected using various types of magnification and lighting, and other proprietary methods to determine authenticity opinions. Bottles may be photographed for analysis and research purposes. Following inspection mental and physical notes and photographs are analyzed to determine opinions of authenticity of individual bottles. Once determined, findings are delivered, by individual bottle, to the Client in a TCM Verbal Opinion Report® . No written or paper report is delivered.

TCM Verbal Opinion Report® finds are confidential and are for personal edification only. Findings may not be used for marketing or sales purposes or to attain remuneration.

TCM Inspection Reports®

Formal Report Rates: $700 or $1,200

Formal Reporting comes in two forms:

TCM Inspection Reports® are written reports for counterfeit wines, typically used by clients for purposes of attaining remuneration for bad purchases against the vendors that made the sales.

Entry into the TCM® Wine Vault by Everledger for authentic bottles.

The inspection process for a TCM Inspection Reports® is typically more extensive than that for a verbal report as it requires much more photography, at times by our professional photographer, full notation of all 90+ elements on each bottle as well as other proprietary inspection methods that are laborious and time consuming, but necessary to complete a thorough written report.

TCM Inspection Reports® are drafts or court ready, written reports with photographs and descriptions of why the bottle is found counterfeit, or inconsistent with authentic production standards, and can include current market replacement valuation used to compel vendors to settle quick and significant claims for bad purchases without having to incur the costs of going to court.

Authentic bottles can be inputted into our groundbreaking, block chain based TCM® Wine Vault by Everledger. The inspection data exists in the block chain including notes and photographs, the bottles unique ID, or “thumbprint,” and an inspection certificate. The details of the authentication can remain private or made public by the owner to be used for marketing and sales purposes as long as the bottle matches the matrix stored as its unique ID in the block chain. As the bottle changes hands, provenance information can be updated. Brokers, retailer and auction houses can link to the block chain information in online catalogues and offerings to show the authentication information to potential buyers, for the life of the bottle, verifying the provenance and thus raising the value of the bottle.