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Membership at is cheaper than buying or selling just one fraudulent bottle of fine & rare wine. is the only place that vendors, collectors, producers and all other involved in the production, distribution, sale and enjoyment of wine have access to the leading global experts in wine fraud and authentication sharing their techniques and insider information about the subjects and solutions concerned with wine counterfeiting and wine fraud.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Website Updates with breaking news stories of wine thefts, bad sources of wine and discovered frauds popping up across the globe, often with commentary from our experts.
  • Email Alerts (Professional Members only) about recently discovered possible or known fraudulent sales or offers, and less-than reputable vendors and sources in the market.
  • Bi-monthly updates to keep content fresh and relevant, covering aspects such as:
    • Counterfeiting trends and sources of bad bottles.
    • Newly discovered counterfeiting techniques and their sources.
    • Updated information about the tools and techniques used by experts to authenticate wines.
    • Additions to the Rudy Kurniawan evidence including detailed explanations of the labels, bottles, stamps, and other evidence with detailed notes and graphic depictions of the tells of his work. 
    • Additions to the galleries of Counterfeit Bottles, Labels, Ink & Print, Corks & Capsules including actual counterfeit evidence discovered by our experts in the field.
    • Additions to the galleries of Authentic Bottles, Labels, Ink & Print, Corks & Capsules.
    • Coverage of current events in the markets related to wine fraud, including theft, adulteration, and mislabeling of bulk wines, IP infringement, and counterfeiting from the legal, the investigative, and the authenticator’s perspectives as well as anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • Quarterly In The Loupe® segments with in-depth coverage on a specific topics germane to various aspects of wine and wine authentication.
  • Professional Members have use of the Member Badge to market their dedication to and education about wine fraud and authentication so that clients know they are a firm that can be trusted to sell or consult about fine & rare wine.

At, transparency is our goal. Please see our FAQ page for more details about what to expect from your membership.



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Members have access to unique, expert information and counterfeiting evidence not found anywhere else in the world.

Designed for the non-wine-professional from beginner to avid collector who is interested in the topic of wine fraud and learning more about the methods of counterfeiters, the wines they make and what to look for to ensure bottles are authentic, as well as issues and trends in other areas of wine fraud including theft, storage fraud, and investment frauds. Enthusiast members are interested in protecting their investment from bad purchases moving forward or vetting potentially problematic bottles already in the cellar. Enthusiast Member benefits include:

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  • Unlimited access to all website content.
  • Please see the FAQ Page for more information about membership



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Members have access to information and training that can help ensure confidence in the bottles they are selling or representing and ensure customer satisfaction while preventing loss of reputation and damage to the business’ bottom line as a result of negligent sales.

Professional Membership is appropriate for anyone in the business of wine. All those who work buying, selling, consulting on buying and selling, inspecting, consulting about, storing, and serving wines to consumers, or supporting any of those activities, will benefit from Professional membership only updates and seminars.

  • Wine Vendors including but not limited to: Retailers, Auction houses, Brokers, Corporate & Private Wine Buyers, Wine Trading Platforms
  • Wine Collection Service Providers: Cellar Consultants, Collector Services Firms
  • Wine Investment Firms, and firms that offer wine investment consulting
  • Wine Storage Facilities: Especially those that inspect property, provide collection management services, or act as brokers in any capacity.
  • Hospitality Firms & their employees including but not limited to: Sommeliers, Restaurants, Restaurant Groups, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitality Corporations & Groups, Cruise ships.

Professional membership is also appropriate for wine producers as well as those involved in packaging manufacture, marketing and distribution of wine as well as anti-fraud technology providers and creators who will benefit from the insider information provided to Professional Members only about current frauds and issues we are seeing as they are discovered.

Professional Member benefits include:

  • Email Alerts (Professional Members only) regarding fraudulent sale offers and transactions and misstated provenance or blatant provenance misrepresentations, or other fraudulent happenings in the markets that professionals need to be apprised of immediately.
  • Attendance to a Presentation in London or Hong Kong 2017, is included for Professional Members. This cannot be applied retroactively. (Training is Separate)
  • Use of the Member Badge on the member’s business website as well as on any other site or marketing materials the member/organization uses to market or sell wine.
  • Professional Members are listed in the Professional Member Directory, and a link to their website is available on the free portion of the website.
  • Unlimited access to all website content.
  • Please see the FAQ Page for more information about membership

Prevention: Professionals who are caught representing or selling stolen or counterfeit wines can expect to pay heavily in refunds as well as the legal and professional fees to keep their actions confidential. The cost of keeping the company protected from negative fall-out including bad press and loss of clientele as a result of negligent sales can be avoided all together with education, and a dedication to stamping out fraud before it is a problem that affects your reputation, and bottom line.

Dedication: Professional Membership displays to clients that your firm is dedicated to stamping out wine fraud, counterfeiting and authentication through your education and participation as a member at Professional members are encouraged to use the Member Badge to show the public their dedication to help stamp out the blight that wine fraud poses to our shared global markets.