NEW ON WINEFRAUD.COM: September 27, 2018

NEW ON WINEFRAUD.COM: September 27, 2018

The second update in September hundreds of images of Coche Dury, both of ink and print as well as bottle images. We also have the Refutation of Stuart George- showing how we came up with our Rudy Kurniawan numbers.


Oregon Moves to Protect Wine from False Out-of-State Labels: Oregon wine growers are putting protections in place to protect out-of-state wines from using their location on labels.

The Refutation of Stuart George: Maureen Downey outlines how she got $550 Million of Rudy Kurniawan fakes in the marketplace.


JF Coche Dury: Hundreds of new images of ink and print, and bottle images of authentic wines also, in red.

NEW THIS WEEK: September 14, 2018

The first update in September includes two news stories, and hundreds of new authentic images of Cheval Blanc and Italian wines.


Bordeaux Scores Victories in Battle Against Counterfeit Wines in China: CIVB won a major case against Chinese Counterfeiters and naming rights.

The Future is Bright for Foreign Wines in China: China is a huge market for wine sales, and new protections for brands makes it easy and more attractive.


Cheval Blanc: new vintages of authentic bottles and ink.

Ornellaia: New vintages of authentic bottles and ink.

Giacosa: Authentic images of bottles and ink and print images.


NEW THIS WEEK: August 17, 2018

The second update in August is filled with new authentic images. We added in hundreds of new images of Italian and Spanish wine producers, including bottle images, anti-fraud images, and ink microscope images.


8000 Bottles of Fake Penfolds Busted in Northern China: A continuing investigation into the fake Penfolds wine that is flooding China.


Sassicaia: We filled in many vintages, with a complete vertical look at 1982 through 2002.

Tignanello: We added this producer to our site! Bottle and ink images of recent vintages are now available.

Pingus: Great bottle images of recent vintages showing anti-fraud measures.

Vega Sicilia: New recent vintage images of both bottles and ink.

NEW THIS WEEK: August 3, 2018

The final update of July saw the last group (for now!) of Margaux wines, and three new wine stories from around the world.


Wine Australia Suspends Daleford Wine’s Export License: Wine Australia suspended the license of the brand who was capitalizing off of Penfolds.

California Wine Shows traces of Fukushima Fallout: Increased radiation from 2011 vintages and present are appearing in wines.

Pingus and Vega Sicilia Wines were counterfeited: The four person crime ring was arrested, and how Pingus took them down.


Margaux: Hundreds more vintages 1960- present of bottles and ink.

NEW THIS WEEK: July 13, 2018

The first update in July has hundreds of new Margaux ink and print as well as bottle images- all authentic- in early vintages. We also added two new blogs covering wine fraud and Australia to meet our Authenticator Trainees in that side of the world.


The Australian Wine Auction Market & the Future for Combatting Fraud: TCM Authenticator Trainee Scott Evers talks about the nuances of Australia’s wine auction market and fraud that comes with it.

Tackling Fraudulent & Counterfeit Wines: TCM Authenticator Trainee Alison Eisermann Ctercteko shares a piece written for press in Australia and New Zealand about wine fraud.

No Way Rose: 10M Bottles of Spanish Wine Passed of as French: Less expensive Spanish wine was passed off as French Rose in 2016 and 2017.

Man Makes 21K Profit on Antique Wine Bottle He Thought was Fake: Steve Williams made a hefty profit after selling what he thought was an old fake wine bottle, but turned out to be authentic.


Margaux: Hundreds more early vintages of ink and bottles.

NEW THIS WEEK: June 29, 2018

Our June update is full of hundreds of new Margaux images, with hundreds more still to come! We also have a news story about the capsules on French bottles, and how they will change going forward, and could continue to change.


So Long, Marianne: The image of Marianne is no longer required to be on French wine capsules.

Wine and Spirits One of Top Sectors Affected by Counterfeiting: Almost $3B is lost each year in revenues due to counterfeiting.


Margaux: New authentic ink examples as well as bottle images.

NEW THIS WEEK: May 25, 2018

The final update of May includes three new stories from around the world about different types of wine fraud, as well as new vintages of Margaux ink and bottles.


China’s Steps up Wine Import Business: has decided to create stronger and new relationships with wineries to increase it’s wine business.

Oak Beverages Will Pay $4.3M to Settle Bottle Return Scam: Oak Beverages faces a scam of falsifying it’s bottle return numbers.

Cotes du Rhone Cooperative Hit with Price-Fixing Fine: A cooperative is faced with a fine after dictating minimum prices from 2010-2017.


Margaux: New authentic ink examples as well as bottle images.

NEW THIS WEEK: May 3, 2018

This update showcases a great summary by the Wall Street Journal’s Lettie Teague about our trainings we hosted for the first time on US soil in February. We also added multiple new galleries of authentic Latour ink. 


Bordeaux Wine Firm Found Guilty of Fraud: Grands Vins de Gironde was found guilty of passing off lesser quality wines as higher quality ones.

Footballer Christophe Robert Accused of Wine Counterfeiting: Former football player, Christophe Robert, has been found with counterfeit wines that he claims he believed were authentic.

What it Takes to Out-Sleuth Wine Fraud: A summary of wine fraud and our Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation and Authentication Trainings in San Francisco.


Latour: New authentic ink examples!

NEW THIS WEEK: March 30, 2018

The second update in March includes four new stories about wine fraud around the world, three of which take place in China. Fake Penfolds, Côtes du Rhône, and a general lack of knowledge all are affecting consumers around the globe. We also added new galleries of Madeira, Pingus, and ridiculous counterfeits created by those that are trying to recreate wines, but have done so unsuccessfully.


Nearly 40% of Chinese Consumers Admit to Purchasing Fake Booze: A survey conducted showed that fake alcohol purchases are prevalent and many do not know how to tell the difference. 

Côtes du Rhône Scam Sold 66 Million Bottles of Fake Wine: Raphaël Michel’s Rhone wine fraud accounted for approximately 15% of all bottles from that region.

Chinese Police Seize 50,000 Bottles of Fake Penfolds: A warehouse was discovered to contain over 8300 cases of fake Penfolds.

Wine Fakes Flicked Before Consumer Rights Day: Chinese Police seized fakes of all kinds but in particular fake wines and spirits ahead of Consumer Rights Day.


Madeira: Counterfeit bottles claiming to be from the 1700’s.

Pingus: Authentic vintages of Pingus with capsules and bottles.

Ridiculous Counterfeits: A collection of ridiculous counterfeits and copyright infringements collected over the years. Send us any that you find as well!