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NEW THIS WEEK: February 9, 2017

This week we have added many new exhibits to the Rudy Kurniawan section- more records, documents, and exhibits from his trial to continue to show the magnitude of his scam. We also have four interesting stories from the news around the world, with very different topics. We’re always looking for ways to authenticate wines, and scientists are working on aging wines, more investment scams, wines that aren’t even wines being sold in China, and close resembling Lafite bottles are for sale on a large Chinese e-Retailer.


Testing for Age Key in Battle to Expose Fake, High End Alcohol: The Republic of Moldova has discovered a way to test the age of wine, which they hope will be able to combat counterfeits by proving the are not the age they purport to be.

Pensioners Lose their Life Savings in Wine Investment Scam: Another case of the 55 and over being targets to those that claim to help invest money in wines, which never come to fruition.

Fake Red Wine Sold via Mobile Identified by Chinese Media: Media in China investigated multiple ways to buy wine and two of the nine bottles tested from a leading e-Retailer came up with zero fruit in the “wines.”

China’s Leading E-Retailer in Fake Lafite Scam: has bottles of wine for sale that look eerily similar to Lafite, but are clearly not by the storied producer.


Evidence: More examples of bank statements, cell phone records, and evidence from those that testified in the Rudy Kurniawan Trial were added.

NEW THIS WEEK: January 26, 2017

This week’s update has two main focuses: China and Rudy Kurniawan. As we gear up for our Training in Hong Kong, many are realizing that China is becoming a hot bed for counterfeit wines. For the Rudy Kurniawan section, we are in the process of adding many new pieces of evidence. These are emails and PDF documents that help show the scope of his wine counterfeiting. Many more will be added in the coming weeks as well.


China’s Growing Fake Wine Market: More and more people are finding that the fake wine market in China is growing.

Empty Branded Bottles Selling for as much as $416 as Fake Wine Spreads through China: Empty bottles of authentic wines are now fetching exhorbitant amounts of money as counterfeiters see the value in having legitimate aspects of a bottle to create counterfeits.

Despite Crackdown, China’s Fake Wine Industry will Continue to Persist: Another article talking about the growing demand for fine wine in China leads to an opportunity for counterfeiters to create supply.

Three men were arrested for putting DRC Labels on cheaper bottles of wine. The stories can be read here and here.


Evidence: Emails to and from banks, and other documents that were discovered in the investigation of Rudy Kurniawan.

NEW THIS WEEK: January 12, 2017

Happy 2017! In the new year, we have been focused on adding new galleries, wine  crime stories, and have BIG plans for 2017! This update includes counterfeit corks and capsules from some of our favorite producers. We will be adding authentic in our next few updates to give a better view of both correct and incorrect.


NAFDAC Uncovers Fake Wine Factories, Arrests 9 Suspects: In Nigeria, nine suspects were arrested after allegedy creating fake and potentially poisonous wines.

Treasury Wine Wins China Trademark Dispute for Penfolds Flagship: Treasury Wine Estates won it’s trademark for the name Ben Fu.


Producers: Corks & Capsules! New galleries exclusively focused on corks and capsules were added to give members a clear picture of counterfeit examples.

NEW THIS WEEK: December 29, 2016

With the close of 2016, the first full year that has been open to users, we are excited to close on our bread and butter: IMAGES! The past two weeks have been full of holidays and gallery uploading. We added over 2,000 images this month of inks and bottles, both authentic and counterfeit. Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2017!


Guilty Plea for Man Involved in French Laundry Theft: One of the men that was arrested for the Napa Valley restaurant theft pleaded guilty.

Fake Prosecco: Put a Cork in It: With the Holidays, prosecco is often sought after, but Italian Officials say that there is a good chance that producers are passing off other wines as prosecco.


Producers: Even more counterfeit and authentic bottles and inks were added.

NEW THIS WEEK: December 15, 2016

In the first weeks of December, we rounded out a lot of new pictures in our galleries. Some of our favorite producers have new galleries and vintages of both counterfeit and authentic bottles and inks. There are also some fantastic shots of the capsules. We also added three new wine fraud stories from around the world. Finally, we uploaded pictures and testimonials from our London Presentation and Training.


Auchan Italy Recalls Counterfeit Amarone: Amarone wines sold on Black Friday were recalled after discovery of them being table wines.

Wine Detective on a Mission to Track Down Counterfeits: Phillip Moulin of BB&R (and trained by Maureen Downey!) talks about how he looks at authentic and counterfeit wines in his business.

Vandals Destroy 400,000 Bottles of Italian Sparkling Wine in Historic Estate Sabotage: An Italian winery opened one morning to find that their stainless steel tanks containing sparkling wine was drained.

London Presentation and Training: Last month we had our Wine Fraud, Counterfeiting & Authentication Presentation and Authentication Training Level I in London and it was a huge success! If you are considering attending our Hong Kong Presentation & Training, the testimonials should convince you to register!


Producers:  Authentic and counterfeit bottles and ink were added for producers like Leroy, Petrus, Lafite, Dujac, DRC, and more.

NEW THIS WEEK: December 1, 2016

The end of November was a very busy time for! We hosted the launch of the Chai Wine Vault powered by Everledger and hosted our Presentation and Training Level I in London. The events have been huge successes and we are so happy to see the industry welcome the newest ways we are educating them about counterfeiting in wine, and how we can protect more consumers and businesses, but we were also able to bring you some new items for this week’s update.


Premier Cru Auctions off Items in Old Offices: OWCs, old bottles, and more will be auctioned off Saturday to the public.

Multi-Million Fake Alchohol Ring Arrested: Ten people in China were arrested after a month long investigation.


Producers:  Authentic ink and bottles were added into galleries.

NEW THIS WEEK: November 17, 2016

For the second November update, we have hundreds of new pictures of authentic and counterfeit wines, bottles and ink for members to look at. New vintages and new wines that we haven’t had before help fill in our extremely packed producer section. We also have a new blog from Siobhan Turner about how she handles telling her clients their wine is fake, and news stories from around the world.


How does an Authenticator Break the News to a Client that their Wine is Fake: Siobhan Turner talks about fake wine, and how she handles telling her clients that their investment has no value.

Hunting Fraudsters in France’s Wine Heartland: Recent sentences for wine fraud have a team of people looking out to ensure all wine sold is authentic.

An Expert’s Guide to Wine Investment: Maureen Downey writes for Wine Searcher about wine investment.

Rudy Associate Busted over Unlicensed Wine: Marc Lazar was recently arrested for selling wine without a license.

High Visibility Makes Wine Crime Stand Out: With all of the stories about wine fraud in the news, is wine fraud more common than other luxury goods?


Producers:  Brand new galleries galore! Counterfeit wine bottles and ink as well as authentic examples of both were added.

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