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NEW THIS WEEK: March 23, 2017

The second update of March is all about news stories. Check out the stories below to see all different kinds of wine fraud throughout the world. Counterfeiting, wine investment fraud, heists, and copyright lookalikes all dominated the headlines.


NAFDAC Locks Wine Store in Wuse Market, Abuja Over Counterfeiting: Multiple wine shops in Nigeria were shut down after selling fake and unregistered wines.

Italy Nabs Criminal Gang Responsible for Cheese and Wine Heists: A gang has been holding up cheese factories and stealing thousands of bottles of wine.

Changing Tastes: China’s Import Wine Industry: A great look inside the Chinese wine industry and trends to look for including counterfeiting.

Vivino Launches Netflix Concept for Wine Retailers: Vivino launched a way for consumers to purchase wines repeatedly, and use recommendations to buy wines online.

Wine Broker Conman Admits Defrauding Customers: Twenty-Five year old Harry Mosley, admits to defrauding elderly customers of their wine collections and money for personal use.

The Fake, The Fraudulent, and the Lookalikes at Chengdu Wine Fair: The Wine Fair in Chengdu saw some very obviously fake wines- especially a poor example of Petrus lookalikes.

NEW THIS WEEK: March 9, 2017

The first update in March has a ton of great information for our members. Maureen Downey delivers her Recommended Reading List, which has her favorite wine books she’s read included. Also featured are some new stories about wine fraud around the world: a Rudy Kurniawan DRC Case that has mysteriously been sold over and over with TK Wines, potential Bali Customs agents committing wine fraud, counterfeiting on the lower end of wine, Las Vegas aiding counterfeiters, and Sothebys pulling bottles from auction. So many good stories about how wine fraud is still prevalent on all corners of the globe. Finally, check out the new ink images showing the impact light has on ink.


Recommended Reading List: Maureen Downey compiled all the books she recommends to those who want to learn more about wine and wine fraud.

TK Wines Now Called AucWine: A 5 star Wine-Searcher rating for AucWine, but the former TK Wines that is known to sell counterfeit cases of DRC.

Bali Customs Wine Fraud: An anonymous tip about the potential for Bali Customs officers to strip vacationers of their wines and sell them to Bali collectors.

Counterfeit Carlo Rossi Proves Counterfeiting Affects all Wines: In a strange story to many, 20,000 bottles of counterfeit Carlo Rossi wines were found in Shanghai. This is further proof that there is no wine that is safe from counterfeiting.

This $5K Hamburger is a Steal if You are a Wine Forger: A Mandolay Bay restaurant is now featuring a $5K hamburger that comes complete with a bottle of 1995 Petrus. The empty bottle is the souvenir of the dinner, as the restaurant lets you keep it.

Sothebys Investigates DRC Lot: Auction house Sothebys pulled down a magnum of 1959 Romanée-Conti after questions of it’s provenance came up.

Feedback: Hong Kong: We sold out our training in Hong Kong last month, and a new testimonial and pictures page was added.


Mouton Ink: New ink shots with a new MiScope show how different lights can show different inks on a label.

NEW THIS WEEK: February 23, 2017

This week’s update includes new galleries, new blogs, and information about how important provenance is. A blog about Alexander Anikin and Mahatma Wines selling counterfeit wines has details about the wines, as well as information about their arrest. We also added in two new pages to our Recreate Section of Wine Authentication: Provenance and OWCs. These offer great new insights to different aspects of wine creation.


Alexander Anikin and the Wine Ring: Eight total men were arrested in a wine ring from counterfeiting wines, with details on the bottles they counterfeited.

Two Men Sentences for Wine Fraud Offenses: Two men were sentenced to prison after taking wine investment money from clients and using for their own personal uses. Also read more here.

Wine Expert Fingered in $300,000 Wine Heist: A wine expert in Melbourne has been suspected to have stolen wines from his business and sold for his own personal cellar.


Provenance: A page about provenance to our Wine Authentication section was added to include pictures of fake provenance stories.

OWCs: Galleries of authentic and Rudy Kurniawan OWCs were added.

NEW THIS WEEK: February 9, 2017

This week we have added many new exhibits to the Rudy Kurniawan section- more records, documents, and exhibits from his trial to continue to show the magnitude of his scam. We also have four interesting stories from the news around the world, with very different topics. We’re always looking for ways to authenticate wines, and scientists are working on aging wines, more investment scams, wines that aren’t even wines being sold in China, and close resembling Lafite bottles are for sale on a large Chinese e-Retailer.


Testing for Age Key in Battle to Expose Fake, High End Alcohol: The Republic of Moldova has discovered a way to test the age of wine, which they hope will be able to combat counterfeits by proving the are not the age they purport to be.

Pensioners Lose their Life Savings in Wine Investment Scam: Another case of the 55 and over being targets to those that claim to help invest money in wines, which never come to fruition.

Fake Red Wine Sold via Mobile Identified by Chinese Media: Media in China investigated multiple ways to buy wine and two of the nine bottles tested from a leading e-Retailer came up with zero fruit in the “wines.”

China’s Leading E-Retailer in Fake Lafite Scam: has bottles of wine for sale that look eerily similar to Lafite, but are clearly not by the storied producer.


Evidence: More examples of bank statements, cell phone records, and evidence from those that testified in the Rudy Kurniawan Trial were added.

NEW THIS WEEK: January 26, 2017

This week’s update has two main focuses: China and Rudy Kurniawan. As we gear up for our Training in Hong Kong, many are realizing that China is becoming a hot bed for counterfeit wines. For the Rudy Kurniawan section, we are in the process of adding many new pieces of evidence. These are emails and PDF documents that help show the scope of his wine counterfeiting. Many more will be added in the coming weeks as well.


China’s Growing Fake Wine Market: More and more people are finding that the fake wine market in China is growing.

Empty Branded Bottles Selling for as much as $416 as Fake Wine Spreads through China: Empty bottles of authentic wines are now fetching exhorbitant amounts of money as counterfeiters see the value in having legitimate aspects of a bottle to create counterfeits.

Despite Crackdown, China’s Fake Wine Industry will Continue to Persist: Another article talking about the growing demand for fine wine in China leads to an opportunity for counterfeiters to create supply.

Three men were arrested for putting DRC Labels on cheaper bottles of wine. The stories can be read here and here.


Evidence: Emails to and from banks, and other documents that were discovered in the investigation of Rudy Kurniawan.

NEW THIS WEEK: January 12, 2017

Happy 2017! In the new year, we have been focused on adding new galleries, wine  crime stories, and have BIG plans for 2017! This update includes counterfeit corks and capsules from some of our favorite producers. We will be adding authentic in our next few updates to give a better view of both correct and incorrect.


NAFDAC Uncovers Fake Wine Factories, Arrests 9 Suspects: In Nigeria, nine suspects were arrested after allegedy creating fake and potentially poisonous wines.

Treasury Wine Wins China Trademark Dispute for Penfolds Flagship: Treasury Wine Estates won it’s trademark for the name Ben Fu.


Producers: Corks & Capsules! New galleries exclusively focused on corks and capsules were added to give members a clear picture of counterfeit examples.

NEW THIS WEEK: December 29, 2016

With the close of 2016, the first full year that has been open to users, we are excited to close on our bread and butter: IMAGES! The past two weeks have been full of holidays and gallery uploading. We added over 2,000 images this month of inks and bottles, both authentic and counterfeit. Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2017!


Guilty Plea for Man Involved in French Laundry Theft: One of the men that was arrested for the Napa Valley restaurant theft pleaded guilty.

Fake Prosecco: Put a Cork in It: With the Holidays, prosecco is often sought after, but Italian Officials say that there is a good chance that producers are passing off other wines as prosecco.


Producers: Even more counterfeit and authentic bottles and inks were added.

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