Producers & Vintages

Producers & Vintages

Everyone loves lists. Well at least we love lists, and we use them when authenticating bottles. From our list of items to check in inspection, to the lists of wines a particular counterfeiter is known to have made and sold through particular venues, using lists is an important tool in the arsenal of an authenticator.

While many people ask for a simple list of the most highly faked wines, we find that approach overly simplistic, and not useful for people who are really looking to search out and vet the bad bottles out of the market. To help spot and remove bad bottles from the market, we aim to provide information in lists that are useful for that purpose. But this section is about a lot more than simple lists. Here you will find information about particular producer’s wines and those vintages that are most frequently counterfeited. And like this website as a whole, the goal of this section is to provide up-to-date information for continued education; therefore, we will be regularly updating content in this section, and at times it will be covered in depth in our monthly In the Loupe® segments.

We have a lot of information for this section, so check back regularly for new information on producers and discussions about why some vintages are more frequently counterfeited than others.



Information, evidence and notes about particular, highly counterfeited producers.


Information, evidence and notes about particular, highly counterfeited vintages