Where We See Counterfeits in Today’s Market

We are often asked where we are seeing counterfeits in the current marketplace, so I thought I would give a few words about where in the recent months we have been finding counterfeit bottles pop up most frequently. In some instances, these are long term trends we have been seeing for years.

Top 10 things to avoid when buying fine wine:

  1. eBay
  2. Verticals
  3. Regional, small and new auction houses in Europe and Hong Kong
  4. Brokers
  5. Certain NYC Retailers and brokers
  6. Known Rudy Kurniawan resellers
  7. Auction consignments from Rudy Kurniawan buddies
  8. Large format 1945 DRC
  9. Rosé
  10. Swiss provenance
  11. Fanciful provenance stories