Authentication Trainings

Authentication Trainings conducted it’s first Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation and Authentication Training in London, November 2016. Maureen and Team spent months preparing the content for the press heavy group. Our first training got a lot of great press, and our attendees learned a lot. We did too. We learned what parts are most interesting to our attendees, what gaps people wish to close, and how to better train our attendees. In February of 2017, we went to Hong Kong to host our second set of trainings and introduced our Authentication Training Level II. This was such a success in a region where counterfeits run rampant. We met some amazing partners in the fight against counterfeiters and educated the fastest growing region of fine wine collecting. We went back to London in May of 2017, and then back to Hong Kong in October. We’ve had so much fun shipping Maureen, her fake wines, and some fun authenticator tool kits around the world that we decided in February to host our first US training in San Francisco. Every week we get questions from around the world asking where our next trainings will be, and will we come to New York, France, Australia, anywhere fine wine is bought and sold, and counterfeits are in the marketplace. We are so excited to host our next trainings: We will host our second US training- in New York- March 21 & 22, and will head back to Hong Kong Octoer 12 & 13 of 2019. We hope to see you there!

Sneak peek of what our trainings showcase