Aymeric de Clouet

Aymeric de Clouet

Aymeric de Clouet recently posted a blog on his website about being the sole expert in wine for the Paris High Court of Appeals. De Clouet posted this as an exceptional accomplishment in which he is alone recognized. In his blog, he posts that he has extensive wine authentication knowledge which is often called upon to confidentially authenticate bottles. In his blog, he details a recent story about a client who had doubts about a bottle of 1929 DRC Romanee-Conti. De Clouet claimed this bottled to be authentic, and remarked he couldn’t see pixilation in the label the client saw, consulted with a paper expert to concur with his claims.

In his blog, de Clouet makes an allusion to Maureen Downey referencing a “she” that recommends clients to destroy counterfeit bottles of wine. Downey is well-known to recommend destroying or allowing her to take possession for training others with these counterfeits. The main reason to destroy these bottles is to keep them from remaining in the marketplace. Unfortunately, many counterfeit bottles are resold after returning to the merchant over and over again. While de Clouet carelessly mentions that Downey destroys good bottles of wine- which is not true- he has no formal or informal authentication experience. Authentication experience cannot be osmosed through five generations of wine drinkers. Wine authentication is learning about the historical knowledge of glue, glass, paper, and print methods. This cannot be absorbed while at wine tastings and cannot be assumed by having minor exposure to fine wines. In fact, there have been multiple cases of authentication certificates given by de Clouet for obvious fake wines.

The “expert” status that he touts as the Paris High Court of Appeals is no more than an application submission to be reviewed by the third party of judges with no actual knowledge of the experts’ line of work. The application can be found here- as you can see there is very little needed to be considered. COURT OF APPEAL FROM PARIS Application

Please be very wary of authentic certificates for wines from Aymeric de Clouet.

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